The definition of controversy is prolonged public disagreement or heated discussion. Suffice to say, I am pretty good at it. And by good, I mean I have a habit of saying stuff that can be taken the wrong way or can be offensive to some people.

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What Happened: A Tale of An Election

Since 2015, I have had it on the cards to run for Students’ Union President. The day I first met the President of the SU, I said to myself, ‘that is where I want to be’. While I did not get there, this is still an interesting tale, and I have a lot of things to get off of my chest. This is the story of what happened when Ben Attwood ran for President.

During this blog post, I will be sharing a lot of opinions on things, people, and ideas that I didn’t like at the time. Some of them I still dislike now, some of them I have changed my mind on, so if you’re offended, then drop me a line.

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My Friend the ‘Nazi’ (Reacting without reason)

Something that has wound me up recently is the treatment of a friend of mine from University. I started my course in 2015 and had to start acquainting myself with new people, and for someone like me, that is very hard, but I made some good friends, including someone I would consider one of my best. The person who I became friends with, the closest with, they are now in trouble.

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The Tomita Project: An Idea Realised

Who is Isao Tomita? That is a question I am asked when I bring up his work; Mostly because he was a 70’s experimental musician who’s heyday was during the mid 1970’s. And he is from Japan. Often regarded as the Japanese version of Wendy Carlos, Tomita’s output largely consisted of electronically reproduced classical music, something he did throughout the 70’s, 80’s, and all the way, until his 2016 death at the age of 84.

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