About me

So, hello. My name is Benjamin Lewis Attwood, you can call me Ben. Doctors call me Benjamin Lewis. It winds me up.

I was born in the village of Whiston on the 8th of April 1997, and funnily enough, the time is recorded in one of my baby albums, and I was apparently born at 22:27 pm. I currently time share between my parent’s house in Whiston and my Uncle’s house, where I live during term time for University. Both places have a lot of benefits and disadvantages. Whiston is nice because the shower at my Mum and Dad’s house is brilliant, but Whiston has problems with cars, children with no respect, and more than enough power cuts. Ormskirk is bigger and I get the privacy I like, but the shower can be a pain and the taxis never come to my house. I previously attended Halsnead Community Primary and Training School from 2000-2008, and Rainhill High Media Arts College from 2008-2015 (including Sixth Form).

I have been writing on this blog since 2012, because I have always held a fascination of having a website, which started from watching my cousins play on Piczo (remember that?), and here we are. Can’t think of anything else to write, so here are some AMA’s I made myself…


What’s your favourite colour?: Purple.

Do you have any hobbies?: Yes. Besides this blog, I enjoy collecting coins, drawing, reading, listening to Music, Baking, Walking, talking, Watching movies, and listening to my favourite music. I also do amateur Photography, which you can see some of on my Instagram.

Are you Single?:  I am single at the moment.

Do you have Autism: With a side order of chips. But yes, I do.

Do you have pets?: We currently have one cat called Perry; who we adopted from our neighbour, and we technically still have Sylvia, who lives with our neighbours. We have had 4 cats; one died and the other ran away.

You write a lot of Poetry, do you have any other stuff I can read?: Sure, I tried writing a novel once, and I put it on another blog. Here’s the link: http://stratovarious.wordpress.com/. I should warn you, I wrote that when I was 15. It’s not that good, though I still like the idea behind it.

What are your thoughts on Religion?: I am an Agnostic Atheist, I have never seen proof of a god or a similar entity, and the thought of God slightly scares me, the fact there is a being that controls me is a terrifying thought. By no means does this mean I am against religion. If you’re religious, I don’t care what you believe, believe what you want. I may not necessarily agree with some religions, but if that’s what you believe in, cool.

What is your political line of thought?: I identify as a Libertarian Socialist. Starting off, I supported Labour, until 2010, when I decided to support the Liberal Democrats. I then switched to Communism, because I was 14 and resented the world. I then became Green in 2013, but now I am not aligned to any party. I am still closest to the Green Party, but I vote Labour in General Elections.

I am a proud Republican (Down with the Monarchy, Up Elected Government). I believe in House of Lords reform, and Electoral reform (AMS over FPTP). I am supportive of Palestine, and favour a two state solution, as I have friends in both camps (An Israeli and a Muslim). I’m pro-multiculturalism, a staunch pacifist, and pro-EU, with some reforms, which we can’t do by leaving.

I also believe we should be tough on crime, and tougher on smoking and alcohol. While I do not support the Death Penalty, I would like to reorganise the police and prisons, into a national police force, who focus more on rehabilitation of criminals, rather than just putting them in a naughty corner so they don’t do naughty things. Oh, and I am anti safe space. I think it is anti free speech.

What music do you like?: I’m very selective with what I listen to. I stick to Queen, The Beatles, Blur, David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Rammstein, Iron Maiden, Laibach, Gorillaz, Pulp, Muse, Faith no More, Pet Shop Boys, QOTSA and that’s about it really. If there’s a song on the radio I like, I may listen to the band’s stuff!

What’s your favourite meal?: Steak, cooked well done, with chips or potato wedges. and my favourite dessert is Sticky toffee pudding.

What’s your favourite Drink?: My favourite drinks are Ribena, Apple Juice, Tango, and 7 Up. I can’t drink coke anymore, and I don’t drink alcohol

Why did you start the blog?: The Motto of the blog is ‘BIG WORLD. BIG THOUGHTS’. I originally started it as a public diary of my movements and my exploits, and occasionally, I’d talk about my opinion on stuff. Its original format was to be a vlog channel on YouTube, but as I don’t want to be a kid who talks into a webcam, I want some production to it, so the show was put on hold, and I write this instead.

Top 5 Songs?: It always changes. Always.

  1. March of the Black Queen by Queen
  2. Eldorado by ELO
  3. Alexander the Great by Iron Maiden
  4. Its Hot Tonight by Alice Cooper
  5. Showroom Dummies by Kraftwerk

I have plenty more questions: Well, feel free to comment, read my blog, or message me. I’m always available to message!


That's my face.

That’s my face.


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