The Tomita Project: An Idea Realised

Who is Isao Tomita? That is a question I am asked when I bring up his work; Mostly because he was a 70’s experimental musician who’s heyday was during the mid 1970’s. And he is from Japan. Often regarded as the Japanese version of Wendy Carlos, Tomita’s output largely consisted of electronically reproduced classical music, something he did throughout the 70’s, 80’s, and all the way, until his 2016 death at the age of 84.

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I Made a font

What happens when a certain blogger has time on his hands, and he decides the best way to waste it is to do an internet and see what he finds? He signs up to a font building website, builds a font, and blogs about it.

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The Social Disconnection

I think it is pretty obvious that I use the Internet a lot. I certainly have an account on most Social Media Sites, be they Facebook, Twitter, here, YouTube. I’ve used Facebook since I was 12, the same age my brother is. But what would it be like if I disconnected from the online world?

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The Pop Figure Conundrum

Over the last 2 years, I have amassed a small but reputable collection of Pop Funko Vinyl Figures. Essentially, they’re vinyl figures modelled on various media and pop cultural phenomenons, from Batman to Firefly. And looking at the 7 I owned (I have 8, but 1 resides at my Uni pad), and I asked myself a few questions. 

Today (The day I write this) I was inspecting them, and I noticed one had its foot broken. And in comparing theAsm, that one was somewhat heavier compared to the others. So I decided, while having a closer look of them, I would measure how much each weighed, to prove my hypothesis with my broken one.

I used, for my experiment of sorts, scales. The figures were measured in ounces, and I did one at a time. As I measured each, I wrote down how much each weighed in ounces. In order of lightest to heaviest, I will list the results, and we will see if the first part of my hypothesis was right, that the Mikasa figurine was indeed the heaviest.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: 2oz
Mirror Universe Spock: 2 and 1/8 oz
Data: 2 and 2/8 oz
Locutus of Borg: 2 and 3/8 oz
Palpatine: 2 and 4/8 oz
Adipose: 2 and 7/8 oz
Palpatine (WITH STAND INCLUDED): 3 oz
Mikasa Ackerman: 4 and 1/8 oz

So, the first part of my hypothesis was indeed correct. The Mikasa figure was the heaviest. And I think I understand why. She is the most sculpted figure, with her uniform, and gear, as well as her fairly detailed hair for the figures (which do have a cartoony look). I don’t have 2 Palpatine figures though, that was the same one measured with and without his stand. I did this, so I could show the difference the stand makes, which adds half an ounce to the weight of the Palpatine figurine. What surprised me was the fact that the Adipose figure (which by all accounts is the least detailed figure) was actually the second heaviest (not including any stands). The actual lightest being the Stone Cold Steve Austin Figure (Which was my first one incidentally).

The Second part of my hypothesis actually requires a bit of audience participation. Now, I don’t want people to measure their all their pop figures. But I would like to know:

  1. What is the heaviest Pop Funko Vinyl Figurine you own

  2. Is it broken or slightly damaged in ANY way

I ask this because; as I previously mentioned, the heaviest figurine (the Mikasa one which I thought to be the heaviest) was broken. Her foot is chipped off, making it harder for the for her to stand. Obviously, something a bit of Superglue should remedy. But still, I’d like to know the things I listed above. Because the figure’s head is top heavy, and has quite a light body, does that affect the durability? I think it does, when it shouldn’t. These figures are collectibles, but should be somewhat durable. NOT what the Mikasa figurine is. I made a Google Form to help you list this, and I will read over the responses, should I get any. When done, I shall make a follow up post. Thanks for reading. Part 2 shall come soon.


Hairbrained Schemes: Various ideas I have had

Over the years, I have had some pretty crazy, out of nowhere ideas. Normally these involve technology, or games, or things I see as generally useful. Here are a handful of them. Book ideas are not included, mostly because some of them are pretty good ideas.

1. My Museum

This is an early idea. I was four years old, and I was playing with a jigsaw 3D Dinosaur, I had a pen and some paper, I laid my dinosaur on the window sill and wrote ‘THE BEN ATTWOOD MUSEUM. ENTRY IS £1’. Suffice to say, I had no visitors that day, but It was the first of my mad, hairbrained schemes.

2. Apple doing video games

We have an Apple Phone, we have an Apple Tablet, an Apple Mp3 and now Apple watches are getting released. This idea was basically an Apple cloud based gaming service. People would buy a wifi device, and once logged in with their Apple ID, they’d be able to play video games downloaded from their app purchases. Obviously this is a very good idea, because Amazon and Google are both making very similar ideas, albeit with a greater focus on Television.

3. The Intranet

We’re getting there, I would love to see a wireless chip installed inside our bodies, and when we want to access information, we can connect via router to a virtual reality of information, and do what we do on our PC’s, with our heads. It will make things like Facebook and Twitter so much more Awesome. Inserting technology into your body isn’t that crazy mind you. Pacemakers, Hearing Aids, and devices like the Apple Watch and the Android Wear, they’re turning us into cyborgs. And let me tell you, being a Cyberman isn’t too cool.

4. Short distance teleportors

I feel short distance is the best for a few reasons. We need to look after ourselves, and just teleporting straight home eliminates walking, so I would make a device which transports you a certain distance, which depends on the battery percentage. I feel that this could be useful for busy commuters, who could be running to a train station when their train is 2 minutes from departing, one could teleport to the station from where they are, or very close to the station and have better chance of getting to the station.

5. Embryo enhancement

We will develop treatments for couples to have babies with enhanced abilities. These enhancements would not mean a superman like hero sadly (that would be pretty cool, for a nerd like me), perhaps a superior immune system, a decreasing likelihood of genetic diseases, and maybe even lifespans lasting over a century, and 80 years old being the new 60. However, if I was smarter and could do this. Of course, there’s a lot of controversy, even over test tube babies on their own, let alone actually changing and splicing DNA. Some could compare it to Nazi Eugenics, and social darwinism. Also eliminating genetic diseases could be good, but may convey some form of prejudice against people like that.

6. Finder

Finder was an app idea I had. Basically, it’s Find my iPhone, and Android Device Manager. Except, instead of limiting it to Tablets and Mobile phones; you can geo locate keys, bags and other items prone to getting lost.

7. Genesis OS

I made a full blog post on this idea. So I will let you search that on the blog. But the basic premise is a catch all OS, for Desktops and laptops, combining the functionality of Windows, and the creative apps of Apple. I even made a design on Powerpoint (Which I may modernise). But I will let you search that.

8. TV Shows

I have a lot of ideas for Television shows for kids and teens. What annoys me most is that there are lots of shows for kids, and adults, but there’s nothing for teens. Yeah, a lot of teens don’t watch TV anymore, we have stuff to do. But I feel that there should be good quality entertainment for all young people. I had a few ideas, such as a show about a spaceship in the middle of space, where all the characters would die eventually, but it is about acceptance of your fate. Another one was a school based dramedy in a similar vein to Scrubs, but the main character has a Vlog type POV and tells stories through flashbacks. I’ve had plenty of TV show ideas. A lot of them won’t get made, but in my head, they’d be awesome.