I’m Back, Where have I been?

Well, I am sorry to keep you waiting on part 3 of the Alice Cooper Track By Track. I honestly have very little to say about those albums. Also, I’ve been away for a while!

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What Happened: A Tale of An Election

Since 2015, I have had it on the cards to run for Students’ Union President. The day I first met the President of the SU, I said to myself, ‘that is where I want to be’. While I did not get there, this is still an interesting tale, and I have a lot of things to get off of my chest. This is the story of what happened when Ben Attwood ran for President.

During this blog post, I will be sharing a lot of opinions on things, people, and ideas that I didn’t like at the time. Some of them I still dislike now, some of them I have changed my mind on, so if you’re offended, then drop me a line.

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My Friend the ‘Nazi’ (Reacting without reason)

Something that has wound me up recently is the treatment of a friend of mine from University. I started my course in 2015 and had to start acquainting myself with new people, and for someone like me, that is very hard, but I made some good friends, including someone I would consider one of my best. The person who I became friends with, the closest with, they are now in trouble.

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2017: A year in review

So, it is once again the end of the year. No Christmas post, I am afraid, but in short; I got the Queen News of the World 40th Anniversary Boxset, I got Attack on Titan Volume 23, and most importantly, a Penny Whistle. The picture below shows some stuff.

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