My great summer challenge

So, I am fat. I am very, very fat. All by my own accord, admittedly. I have been comfort eating for a long time now, and it has really caused by to balloon to a silly weight, which needs to be addressed. I decided over the weekend, I am going to do something about it.

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Hello, Mr. Radio

Music is something I really enjoy listening to. I play it on my way  to University, in the car, when I’m going to Sleep, on the train, anywhere. Music is good background noise to get you pumped for something, but good music does more than that. Let me explain.

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My first Semester: Thoughts and Opinions

My absence from the blog has been unacceptably notable as of late. But I will be honest, a large part in that has been the fact that I have started University. I started at Edge Hill University on the 21st of September 2015. I can safely say that these have been some of the funnest and most interesting months of my life thus far.

A lot of that has to do with the changes I have had to make. Not least in my living arrangements. Whilst here, I’m living almost full-time in Ormskirk. I moved out of Whiston the day prior to my first day. I packed my bags and I was gone. And then I was back 5 minutes later, because I forgot my phone charger. Whoops.

It was very easy to settle in here. I actually don’t live on Campus. I live with my Grandad and my Uncle Niall. The benefit to this is a cheaper rent. The downside is geography. It is a 40 something minute walk from here to Campus. Fortunately, I can shave about 20 minutes off it by getting the student bus. Ormskirk town, if you have never been, is an ancient market town, which still thrives to this day. I’ve been going for ages now, and I have seen it become more student friendly. Much to the chagrin of the older residents. Though they have been here longer, I don’t think a lot of them realise the changes their town has been through. I don’t know. If I were them, I’d have been more upset over the loss of local business to national companies. At least our bars are local. Except Weatherspoons.

The Edge Hill Campus is huge. There is a mixture of old and new buildings. Though much more new than of the older buildings, due to the rate we’re expanding. While there’s a lot of local blood here, it is a very cosmopolitan campus, some of us live outside of Ormskirk in Liverpool, Skelmersdale, Preston, St Helens, Whiston (me). But the amount of people from other countries is more than I thought. I’ve met Americans, Chinese, Africans, Brazillians. It gives the University a lot of character.

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