I’m Back, Where have I been?

Well, I am sorry to keep you waiting on part 3 of the Alice Cooper Track By Track. I honestly have very little to say about those albums. Also, I’ve been away for a while!

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The definition of controversy is prolonged public disagreement or heated discussion. Suffice to say, I am pretty good at it. And by good, I mean I have a habit of saying stuff that can be taken the wrong way or can be offensive to some people.

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Once Bitten Album Interview, with Liam Croft

My friends are a part of a sludge metal band called The Ominous and have released their very first album on Saturday the 25th of June. While I am working on my Track By Track Interview, Liam Croft, lead guitarist, kindly agreed to talk to me about the new album in an ‘If you ask Me…’ exclusive. If you’ve not heard any of it yet, feel free to listen to Once Bitten on Spotify as you read this post.

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