I’m Back, Where have I been?

Well, I am sorry to keep you waiting on part 3 of the Alice Cooper Track By Track. I honestly have very little to say about those albums. Also, I’ve been away for a while!

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It appears we’re back in business

Well. I’m back. 

Still unsure what the problem was. But It appears that the blog is fixed and we’re back in business again. But, should it happen again, you can do the following to keep reading:

Follow me on my Tumblr: http://askmebitmore.tumblr.com/

My secondary Tumblr blog. For more random posts, mostly made in the heat of a moment. Not really in the style of my usual blog posts.

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/I_BenAttwood

My personal Twitter. Mostly for updates, and links to my blog will be on there as soon as I post them, so you can read them as soon as I dish them out.

Follow the Emergency blog: http://theifyouaskmeblog.wordpress.com/

I doubt that I’ll ever use this one. I had set it up when WordPress was down, before I thought it was a site problem. I fear that one day, I could go too far and get my website reported. So if that were to happen, my back-up will be there to support me, for the time being. So follow that. And if you have me on Twitter, you’ll get posts from there, as I linked both accounts to my Twitter.

Like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IYAMMAYI

You’ll get updates from here, if you do not have Twitter. I used the Facebook to get out my latest post; on immigration, when the website was down. I don’t think I’ll put it up a second time, and if I do I’d rewrite the post.

So, if the blog were to ever fall victim to gremlins; you will still find me here, there and everywhere. I hope that I never have another problem with WordPress, but if I do, I have back-up plans.

That’s refreshing

And a mere four months after changing the blog the first time around, I have decided to do another refresh of the look, for a trial run.

I always get really dissatisfied with something, and that gets me to change it constantly. What made me change first time around was that I thought ‘the old look was boring’ and that ‘I have a hobby in writing, so the image of books is good!’. What mad me change this look was a lack of colour.

Both looks were very black, most of the page was a black and white thing. I wanted something now which is a tad more colourful.And I thought that this should do! I don’t know if this  look says anything about this blog, but I feel that the content should speak for itself, rather than a fancy look.

So there. Na night.