Doctor Who rant: Critiques and Responses

So, here we go, another Doctor Who rant. This time, not about casting, but more about the criticism of the new and bold direction the show seems to be taking when it hits TV screens in Autumn in 2018. Needless to say, reaction to these changes has been mixed, much like the announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the next Doctor. A lot of people are criticising the critics. Let’s talk about that.

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Ben on: LGBT and Pride (An idiot’s post about accepting gay people)

From the Facebook posts, news reports of festivals and rainbow coloured stuff everywhere, It can only be one thing: Pride 2017 in London, where we celebrate the LGBT community and their freedom to be themselves. I have one problem with it…LONDON ISN’T THE ONLY PLACE IN THE COUNTRY. WHERE’S MANCHESTER PRIDE, OR LIVERPOOL PRIDE, OR BRIGHTON PRIDE? WHY NO UK PRIDE 2017? That annoys me.

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Yesterday and today have been quite surreal for me, and perhaps for many others as well. You may know about the attacks on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday, and that several students from my university, some of them being my peers and friends, were involved in the attack. A friend of mine actually is in a hospital right now getting fixed up by the doctors.

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