GIVE ME 5!: A Celebration of 5 years of If You Ask Me…

Good grief, it’s my 5th year anniversary of writing this blog! Has it really been that long? It certainly has. On the 3rd of July 2012, I created the very website you’re reading this post on, and I welcomed you with a very short post and the image which you can see above the title. Read More



Today, I was travelling through Liverpool to return to my parent’s house for a catch up before they go on holiday to St. Ives, and as it was a nice day, I wandered around for a short time and found my way to the vigil in Williamson Square for the attack on Manchester, which happened on Monday night.

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Goin’ Back: What Queen Forever should have been

Never thought I would remake this post, but there is a good reason for it. In 2014, I wrote a post sharing some Queen B-Sides and Demos which I felt could have been made into an album, which I called Goin’ Back (After the cover of the song sang by an early version of Queen, sans John Deacon). 3 years on, I went back and fulfilled the project, and now is the time I talked about it.

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Ben’s Christmas Message 2016

Merry Christmas. It’s finally here, and for all we know, it could be our last. Let’s just hope someone stops our world leaders from pressing the Nuke button. But here I am, and I have decided to merge my Christmas posts into one this year, with my review of the year, and my alternative Christmas message. 

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