Post catagories

This blog is simply what the title says: If you ask me. Each of my posts is divided into a number of categories, which broadly describe what the post will be about. Some posts will be under more than one category, though not very often. Some categories go under parent categories, which basically means that the main category describes the post too broadly, so a sub category may be used to better describe the content.

The following categories are the ones I use to split the posts. Click on each to visit my older posts which are under that particular category:

2017-12-30 (7)News and Views This category is reserved for posts in which I discuss my personal opinions on current affairs or events which are occurring at the time I write the post.


2017-12-30My Life I use this category for posts talking about my personal life, either venting, or discussing something I am going through, and trying to give advice on how you can handle similar things.


2017-12-30 (8)Experiments and ideas This category is used to describe I had when thinking about a certain topic, or sharing things I come up with when I cannot sleep.

2017-12-30 (9).pngSpecial I reserve this for posts which commemorate anniversaries for the blog, or for limited series of blogs I do, such as my 2013 Countdown to Christmas.

2017-12-30 (12).pngPoetry My self-written poetry. Some of my best poems I like to occasionally share on my blog for you to enjoy.

2017-12-30 (10).pngRambling For the posts where I want to rant or share my thoughts, that are nothing to do with news or views, or my general observations of things.

2017-12-30 (2)Reviews My reviews of technology, movies, and things which I have recently bought which I want to talk about, in order to persuade you to purchase or pass.

2017-12-30 (5).pngRaise The Steaks My restaurant/pub review series, whereby I rate places based on the quality of their steaks.

2017-12-30 (3).pngTrack by Track My patented track by track retrospectives, where I review either every song on an artist’s recent or classic albums, or a career retrospective, where I share my favourite songs from each album that an artist has made.


Other No real theme to these ones, so I made a category for my non-definable posts.

Website Updates Technical updates regarding the site, including new redesign announcements, or times when the website will be quiet when I am taking a break.




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